Services and maintenance

Hellas Rectifiers has 25 years of on-board experience in service.
We offer maintenance services, such as callibration, thermal scan, and servicing.


Consultancy on construction and application of rectifiers, as well as product design of custom applications, is a service offered by Direct Current BV, a sister company of Hellas Rectifiers BV.

Direct Current BV is a company in which European leading DC Expert, Harry Stokman, along with a team of specialists research and develop innovative solutions for sustainable energy.

Direct Current BV can help you with:

  • Analysing specifications for Rectifiers used in Industry & Cathodic Protection
  • Analysing problems and finding solutions
  • Writing specifications for Transformer Rectifiers
  • Advising in the choice of the right rectifier, the right application and the right location
  • Second opinion when expertise needed

For more information contact Harry Stokman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 We rectify your problem!


Harry Stokman

Is active for more than  25 years in the DC business as a developer and entrepreneur, with a broad and substantial expertise in product design, product engineering, construction and application of rectifiers/transformers. His background knowledge is power electronics, specializing in high currents.

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