Meco Equipment Engineers

"They think with you, they think for you, they think further!"

The Golden square on your credit card, the golden contacts in your PC or in your mobile phone... a big chance they are made by Meco Equipment Engineers. This company based in Drunen and part from the multinational BE Semiconductor Industries NV, is specialized in producing plating systems. Hellas supplies rectifiers for these high tech machines. Meco’s Buyer, Larry Link says: ‘The additional value of hellas rectifiers is the in-house knowledge they have, not only of their own products, but also of our products. They do not only deliver a rectifier, but also understand completely it’s application and the problems we and our customers meet. They know how to develop fitting solutions. That is a must on the high tech market.

Meco’s Director, Frans Jonckheere says: ‘Our machines are everywhere in the world. We cannot allow failures, because every stop in production processes costs a lot of money and obliges us to send services engineers all over the world. For this reason reliable suppliers are very important for us.’ Jonckheere also says about hellas rectifiers being innovative: ‘They think with you, they think for you, they further’.
‘In environmental applications. For smaller and high efficient electronic rectifiers. In efficient communication between computers and rectifiers. In applications for pulse plating & reverse plating.’ Larry Link also says: ‘I have a lot of contact with Harry Stokman and see he is really interested in our business and that he knows what we are talking about.


They think with you, they think for you, they think further!


CZL Tilburg

"They are there when you need them."

In September 2006, Tini van Laarhoven, Director of the galvanization company CZL Tilburg, lived a real nightmare. A devastating fire destroyed almost completely his plant. His whole installation was completely destroyed or damaged. ‘You suddenly realize how fragile you are and how you depend of the people that can and want to help you.’ CZL does the service treatment of critical and complex parts for e.g. tooling for the semi-conductors industry, for aeronautic industry, for petrochemical industry and for general machine makers. It protects products against corrosion: a specific application.

Van Laarhoven: ‘Not only we had a big problem after the fire, but also our customers. Happily we could react quickly, this also thanks to our suppliers. Hellas rectifiers repaired immediately the damaged rectifiers and supplied us quickly with new ones. This helped us to change a rented hall into a galvanization company within 6 weeks. Their support reinforced our already strong relationship. The faith was already big because of the strong in-house knowledge within hellas. They are able to look deep into our processes and to optimize our rectifiers following to this information. If we have a problem, they find the fitting solution. They are flexible and react quickly on our questions. We have experienced this again after the fire of 2006.’

CZL Tilburg

They are there when you need them.