Industrial Applications


Rectifiers for the galvanization process, characterized by a high corrosion resistance and, depending on the metals that can be applied, optimized controls and ripples.

Cooling method Air Water Oil Natural
Switched Mode Power Supply (AMSTEL)
Variac 10..5000A TRCF   TRCO TRCN
Thyristor secondair DG series 10..600A TREDF      
Thyristor secondair AG series10..600A TREAF      
Thyristor secondair PCR series 100..20.000A TRERF TRERW    
Thyristor primair PCR series100..30.000A TREPF TRERW TREPO TREPN


Hard chrome process often requires special rectifiers with advanced features, such as polar reverse, fast boost current, accurate ramping, low ripple, modulated output current. Possibility to process control and monitoring. Dosing pump controlled directly from the process. Process parameters monitoring. We recommend to use our ARC software.


Rectifier for anodising processes have special line options. Adjustable ramp times, and for constant voltage processes "virtuelele voltage sensing" so that the voltage on the process is independent of the current (voltage will be independant of tank load). These options apply to all benefits TREXX series, possible with modulated pulses. These rectifiers have taps on the transformer to optimize the power factor. Voltage range 15 .. 150V.

Cooling method Air Water Oil Natural
Thyristor secondair PCR series100..20.000A TREPF TRERW TREPO  
Thyristor secondair PCR series 100..30.000A TRERF TRERW TRERO  
Variac 100..5000A     TRCO  


Anodising process requires special features, such as constant ramping, modulation, voltage. Possibility of layer thickness control in cooperation with ARC software. Because hardware and chromic acid anodizing are often complex, we recommend to use our ARC software.